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Inside News

new Richard W. Riley Inducted into Higher Education Hall of Fame (Read more)


Inside Programs

new Leading with Passion: Walden’s Teacher Leadership specialization. (Read more)


Starting the Ph.D. Journey: The Milestone 1 Residency 

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Mentoring the Next Generation of Teachers: Walden's Teacher Preparation Program
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Technology Insights

Walden Forum Focuses on Teaching and Technology
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Lifelong Learners Insights

new Kay Beggs is working harder so students can work smarter. (Read more)


Heidi Evans helps children with hearing impairments develop language-rich lives. (Read more)


Rebecca McLelland finds in her local pond an ideal teaching tool—a perfect way to connect classroom science to her students' lives. (Read more)


Alumni Insights

new Neil Schafer on creating a grassroots community outreach campaign. (Read more)


new Dr. Nancy Musarra on gaining community involvement in your cause. (Read more)



new Dr. Eleanor Hoy on sleepless nights and the importance of family support in earning your doctorate. (Read more)



new What it Takes to Start Your Own School
Founding a school begins with a dream, but it also requires tireless work to become a viable and sustainable reality. Walden alumni and faculty members share their experiences, their setbacks, and the perseverance it took to ultimately push forward.

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new Miracles in Action
Walden alumna Magdalena LaVerdiere ’05, Ph.D. in Psychology, donates funds to build a school in Guatemala. 
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Richard W. Riley

The Lifelong Pursuit of Education
What differentiates a good teacher from a great teacher? How can administrators support technology in the classroom? And how do students benefit from teachers and administrators who earn advanced degrees? Richard W. Riley answers these questions, and more. (Read more)


Dr. Dorsey Kendrick 

Walden Addresses the Community College Leadership Crisis
Through its doctoral program in Community College Leadership, Walden is giving community college administrators and senior faculty nationwide the knowledge, insight, and perspective needed to lead community colleges and their students into the future.
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Dr. Terry O'Banion 

Terry O’Banion: An Idea Champion Directs Walden’s Community College Leadership Program
“Community colleges are America’s affordable colleges in everyone’s backyard,” says Terry O’Banion, director of Walden’s Community College Leadership program and former president of the League for Innovation in the Community College. “They provide a second chance for students who never dreamed of attending college, and they require strong leaders who can help students navigate through the social and economic challenges of the 21st century.” (Read more)


John Cech

Leaders in the Making
Meet some of the students in Walden’s Community College Leadership Program. (Read more)


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